Barossa LNG – 80% of the emissions of coal

A complete life-cycle analysis of the Santos’ Barossa Gas Project reveals that the venting of high CO2 from the reservoir gas and the normal losses and gas consumption (burning) during production, transportation and LNG processing will result in power generation from Barossa LNG being almost as dirty as coal (see plot below). It is not possible to construct a scenario under which extremely expensive carbon dioxide re-injection could ever economically occur, unless there was a real and imposed carbon price in Australia of well over A$100/tonne. And, as the Gorgon CO2 re-injection experience shows, it can be technically almost impossible to successfully inject large volumes of CO2 from LNG processing.

See : ABC article on Barossa high CO2

The carbon dioxide emissions in the plot below are taken from the publicly available Barossa Offshore Development and Darwin LNG EIS documents and from the IEA fugitive emissions for LNG (see page 38 of IEA 2019)

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